EcoGeek and our Social Enterprise partners can pick up your e-waste and safely recycle or re-purpose the items.

We collect:

  • computers
  • laptops
  • LCD monitors
  • printers
  • servers
  • switches
  • UPS
  • keyboards, mice, cables
  • phones

If you have more than 50 items, we will collect it for free.

EcoGeek currently has drop off points in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. More drop off points will be rolled out throughout 2017.

If you have up to 50 items you can drop them off at no charge on a drop off day.

Find the next drop off day here:

Want a convenient collection receptacle for your e-Waste? We have e-Waste Bins available.

Ecogeek offer an electronic waste recycling service for clients in the corporate, government and education sectors

  • Ecogeek re-purpose items where ever possible.
  • If an item can’t be repurposed, then 99% material recovery is guaranteed via complete disassembly of the item.
  • All items will be detagged of company asset identifiers.
  • Hard drives in PCs/laptops/servers/media are wiped, or degaussed and shredded.

How your eWaste is Recycled

Ecogeek recycle electronic waste in accordance to national environmental standards. All end-of-life and non-working items are sent to downstream recyclers in Australia for further processing and precious metal recovery.

  • Computers and laptops are dismantled, and all components recycled. Circuit Boards are processed to recover their precious metals in a closed loop system.
  • Hard drives are wiped with a single pass if remarketed. Media and non-functional hard drives are degaussed and shredded.
  • Loose plastics are removed for separate plastic recycling.
  • Toners are removed from printers for separate recycling.
  • Batteries are removed for separate recycling.
  • All cases, printer and copier shells, racks, and phones are processed for metal recovery.
  • CRT televisions and CRT monitors are dismantled and the tubes sent to specialised processors for further recycling.

EcoGeek Takes Data Destruction Seriously!

Each item that passes through our warehouse is cleansed of personal data using approved software.

We understand that confidential information is stored on your hard drives. Hard drives are overwritten with characters that make the data un-retrievable. Faulty hard drives and other media devices are destroyed either by degaussing or shredding.


  • Environment
  • Opportunity
  • Security